Artist Statement/Mieke den Otter/Visual Artist

I was born in a Dutch autumn and celebrate my birthday in spring in Australia. I am a painter.

As a child I spent a lot of time looking at the world around me from windows, portholes, trains and cars.

I have always enjoyed making and creating with fabrics and colour. My years at Art School were the foundation for an exciting career in illustration and art making.

My children came with me to my playgroup, the Ipswich Spinners & Weavers who gave me creative direction and friendship. For many years I have experimented with spinning, weaving, dyeing and felt making.

As an independent artist I now spend a lot of my creative time doing community arts projects, travelling and mentoring.

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Recent work:

‘Series from the blue kitchen’

In 2015 I decided to spend some dedicated time drawing, painting and responding as Artist in Residence in the kitchen.

Over a period of a week or two the kitchen landscape was revealing layers of thought in photo documentation, visual diary and on canvas. I found the time between the intent was valuable for absorbing the visuals within context.

My intent and chance met, as a part of the intuitive collaboration.

I realized how I enjoyed the act of painting and produced a series out of the blue while opening windows to fresh work.





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