Making Felt with Kids

Woodford Folk Festival Children’s Festival 2017

I like to deliver workshops for all ages and use wool & simple materials, some sourced from the cupboard and the op shop. This workshop will produce various wearable soft accessories, made with flat felt and rolled felt threads.

My helpers Jaap and Kate are friends I work with often at local community festivals and events. We used our imagination and make felt with meroino fleece.

I planned 6 different projects – one for each day

  • armband of colour – layers of tops, prefelt
  • plaited armband – plaited cloured tops
  • pictures with shapes – prefelts on a rectangle
  • rainbow snakes – coloured tops, wrapping
  • spotted butterfly – coloured prefelts
  • spider longlegs – coloured tops, alpaca

Created with merino wool to make flat and rolled felt with soapy water. Many children and parents/children came back to to make felt throughout the festival.

Follow my recent community art adventures at

make felt not war…Mieke


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