Reflections on ContextArt 2017

Traditional ways of cloth and basketry

have connected the maker to the earth and rituals over

the ages. In this tech age we still need this connection to

sense of place to make meaningful contemporary art.


I chose 2 workshops at ContextArt 2017 by Judy

Dominic who takes two ecological principles – recycling

and reusing seriously in her work.

#1 ‘Bogolanfini’ (mud dyeing) 2 days

#2 ‘Pushing Basketry boundaries’ (weaving) 3 days

In the workshops I will expand my dyeing and weaving


It was a great experience to learn from Judy, a

master in her field and to spend quality time with her. Her

many layers of experiences included learning Mud cloth

in Africa, on site weaving in community collaborations in

USA & NZ with a genuine passion for the environment.

I immersed myself with a group of very experienced,

dyers and weavers who came from

the Blue Mountains and all corners of Australia.

Judy was very generous with her knowledge in visual learning,

discussion times and making.

The intense week workshop gave me space to find where

I are positioned in my art practice. I found it important to

concentrate, write and be open to new ways. I produced

some small works but importantly I have fresh insights in

why I make art.

As a professional artist it is important for me to play with

multi medias, exhibit sometimes, mentor, belong to an

interest group and work independently.

I was generously sponsored by Janet de Boer OMB

as the Flying Arts QRAA textile winner 2016.



Support with an RADF grant allowed me to have a refreshing

road trip to and fro to the Blue Mountains and a very

comfortable little house for us and THANKS to my

husband/driver Jaap.


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