recent works


2016 – winner of the Qld Regional Art Awards 2017 Textiles

‘It was just after dusk and the quiet had begun to descend’

Wool/silk felt, dyed with ironbark leaves, iron bolts/washers

This handmade felt is a simple circular shape that surprised me when I hung it on a white wall to photograph.  The piece transformed into the intrinsic notion of a moth.

The textures and colours are reminiscent of the beautiful surface marks made by the scribbly gum moth on its host tree.

Only a quarter of moths in the natural world have been named. It’s an unseen world and we need to respect its diversity.


2015 – LOCAL NOW a survey of artists of the region, Ipswich Art Gallery

‘Sclerophyll traces’ Installation, collected eucalypt leaves/wire/metal parts eco dyed print on woolen blanket, thread 6mt W x 2.5mt H (2015) and ‘Visit my Process’ Mp4 (2015)

The opportunity to move away from the default and push out of picture mode has been exciting for me. The making of drawings and sampling have become open ended. They have given me freedom to repond to place – dry forests, catchments, fauna, harvest, shelter for man and beast, vastness and fire. For this piece I have gathered natural materials for eco dyeing, so collaborating with nature to reveal the beauty of the unseen.


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