…the National Folk Festival 2013 celebrated Canberra’s Centenary

Along the road we passed thriving fields of grain, drove through precipitation, investigated grave stones and piles of interesting resources along the roadside.

Front yards in country towns gave us new ideas for Ipswich street art.

We wandered the back garden of the National Gallery of Australia, inspired by the juxtaposition of magnificent eucalypts and bronze works.

The community arts where alive at the National Folk Festival with much fibre being manipulated for parade, making and experiencing with festival goers.

A traveling troupe of beanies from Alice Springs stole the show. Many where acquired by artists, musos and punters to support workshops in felt and crochet.

Colourful acts of cultural dance and acoustic music left your feet tapping.

The highlight of making music with fiddle, mandolin, button box, accordion, voice and cello in the ‘all day session bar’ was an experience not to be missed.
Folk music is still alive with story telling, activism, tradition and expression for young and old.

Jaap and I worked on the Clean Up crew to earn our ticket. A great way to come back down to earth…TRY IT!

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