Arts in Recovery Project

After the disastrous floods that hit Qld in 2011 it took some time for people to settle back into life as we knew it. Some are still struggling.

I became involved in a pilot program with a Creative Recovery project coordinatored by Scotia Monkivitch. Many meetings, discussions and ideas flowed with some very interesting projects in the Arts developing.


One, an Arty Party was held in Tivoli Gardens where participants voted to have a ‘design & paint on canvas’ workshop. It was decided to run the same workshop at a 2nd location in the same street. The Moores Pocket community had been affected by flooding of the Bremer River in 2010 and some had gone completely under.

Artmaking activities were perfect as a vehicle, for participants to strengthen community connections.

Participants enjoyed making new friendships and looked out for each other. The project was too short but unearthed lots of talents. Personal stories of flood experiences flowed freel. It highlighted the value of community arts and creative ways to meet future challenges.

As a local artist I had the opportunity to make connections and pass on local arts resources and contacts.



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