at ArtTime Drawing Point Gallery
Top of Town, Ipswich
6-26 August 2012

…a taste of town, the people and drawing FACES IN THE STREET
Monday…No expectations, organic programme, working on site, revisited many times and still excited.
The first sketches in this visual diary 2006…thinking about the possibilities and look at how things have moved onto…cafes, shops, people, friends, social places, closed streets for music, performance, art, critique, fun, Hello across the street, a bus stop, radios loud, ‘coming soon’ poster, locals walk past, kids in tow, stop at the art shop to browse. Meet up with old friends who have taken up drawing…looking for the elusive bright red for a tulips field.
Wednesday…I am interested in portraiture and this is a great opportunity to draw ‘close’, hear stories and see where they are at.
Today lay down the large piece of brown card to gesso lightly.
This will be one of the supports for my work.
Invited Don to model…we sat near Glen’s shop and had the atmosphere of town in the background & passers bys. Don writes a diary wherever he is!
Friday…after a cuppa with Kate & Charlie at Cactus…ready to draw.
Charlie accompanied me in the space. Charcoal boxes become trucks, excited when I started to use the roller…more food and some interior landscape in the shop.
Monday…back. 2 more portraits…the ‘featherman’ who aspires to politics. I listened to his journey and places he had lived. I’m not interested in ‘wedding ring and what star sign’ talk. Happy with a half hour sketch and may come back later.
Drawing in the street produced another scape…post cards?
Wednesday…It’s EKKA holiday and expecting more people in town. Set up the easel on the pavement and draw, draw, draw…11 give away portraits…needed an erase & fine pen.
Henry & Pheiby
2 sisters from Redbank Plains
Couple from Woodend
Friend of the pastor
Ron Pearce
Tracy & Rod
Friday…Brenna came in and out came the colour pastels on card…much talk, theatre, living in Ipswich…what will Eugene see when he comes home?…off to sell the last retro furniture from the house of her mother. All Stored at home in the library room.
Sharon & Ruby came past to pick up 3 canvases and continue painting portraits at the Courthouse. Time for a cuppa! Cut up large piece of gesso card for landscape. Added 4 Supertooth Colourfix natural, ochre, olive, ultramarine for a toothy background for next week.
Monday…Time has gone quick and I have accomplished…
Lots of drawing ideas
Using larger and investigating more possibilities
Browse the art material in the shop…using my tab of $200
Use and start with better support and materials eg Supertooth Clear Pastel & Multimedia Primer
Can be tinted using inks, guache, watercolou
Developing ideas…the streetscape card series for the Top of Town
Gathering faces and stories
Robert L. Cross came to be drawn…’he’s more grounded these days
Coralie came past…off to dancing
The Sunset Markets is coming out of the landscape
Wednesday…More gesso from home…more layers and print.
Working with a few drawings at a time feels like juggling. Careful you don’t overdo what you are achieving…
sense of place & glimpses of face
Mixed the shellac…1 cup flakes + metho in a bottle.
Glazed some works and gesso prints surfaced…progress. No portraits today.
Friday…take stock. Took photos with tripod in space.
Last portrait …Ellen Lyne a friend from Art School.
The residency is over and some will flow into a Installation for the Gaslight Festival.


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