FELTpieces at Cultiver Ipswich

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Cultiver….A quiet word with: Mieke den Otter from FELT pieces

What do you make?: handmade felt to wear, felt art pieces

Your favourite materials?: Australian merino wool to long haired fibres, silk, upcycled fabrics, eucalyptus dyes

What inspires you to create or where do your ideas come from?:I am inspired by the human form & landscape. This comes from my love of drawing and painting. Connections with textiles have grown through learning traditional craft skills with the Ipswich Spinners & Weavers and practicing these as a contemporary art form.

How are eco-friendly practices incorporated in your work?: I strive to use locally grown, use clean and safe practices for dyeing and combine upcycling in my pieces.

What have you studied?: I loved Art School 69-71, Printmaking QCA, Weaving, Abstract & Mixed media painting, Textile workshops-spinning, dyeing, feltmaking, Photography, Adobe creative programmes.

Are you a full-time or part-time maker?: as much as I can

What’s your day job?: Visual artist

If you’re self taught, how does this affect your practice?: I sample lots.

Why do you create?:… unique one off wearable pieces like booties, bags, hats and wraps because I love the creative possibilities and physicality of feltmaking.

What does DIY and the handmade movement mean to you?: I grew up in a artistic family and this is how I can communicate with others through making and sharing.

Local/Australian makers you are excited about:

TEXTLE magazine   http://www.tafta.org.au/

Artist & writer   www.indiaflint.com/

Textile/art   http://www.atasda.org.au/qld.htm

Gathering of felters   http://feltconvergencebunburywa.blogspot.com/

Cultiver… Hope this will give some focus to our amazing textiles…

Mieke…love being a part of Cultiver’s exciting space


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