Woodford Folk Festival – the end of 2011 & begin of 2012

• Setup crew and creating in bamboo…
Blue skies and a crew of faces met us at the open site of Woodfordia. Good meals and a season ticket to the 6 day music/arts festival enticed us to join in the hard work. It was the highlight of another connection with a wonderful lot of like-minded volunteers. We harvested bamboo locally, processed the stalks ready for construction of a (Jaap&Mieke) fence, sand pit, shade amphitheatre, ball game and entry gate. Knot and lashes where soon put into practice. Friendly crew to work with, amazing material and learnt lots from our generous leader – Jamie!
Tonn and Hannah joined Signology, Finn and Esther – chairology, George, Dorothy and Alan joined Art Bars and we set up for the festival with many others.
• Family reunions with all the ‘den Otters’ home again…at Christmas
Jaap commented on my clucking as we enjoyed our children around. I remember now, the empty fridge, washing piles and busy discussions over good rubbish and memories of childhood. Its much busier on the verandah with partners and little grandchildren to spice the entertainment. Happy!
• Woodford Folk Festival & Dreaming…
The programme line up proved to be many and varied. As always, unexpected surprises and many new acts where presented. Yes it’s a BIG one but still folk in essence. It pushes the boundaries with its amphitheatre, music concerts & chalkboards, dance, parade, participation, visual art and craft, children’s festival, forums and market stalls. My highlight was playing music in the ‘pipes & reeds’ conspiracy band every evening 6-8pm, therefore no cooking time for me!
Jaap liked Buffy St Marie, songwriter, 70 and still an activist…real folk! Our kids did some hard core dances with the Bushwackers and African/Gypsy/Morris/Newfounland. If you pace yourself you can enjoy this amazing community festival no matter what age.
Maybe see you there end of 2012.
• A New Year dawns…with music still playing across the forest and through the gullies.
Jaap and Mieke where happily sleeping, ready for another day of Wordford. The Farewell event was beautiful and worth the wait to hear the many voices and musos deliver a play of light and performance across the amphitheatre. This is where participation rested in a special community…Woodford Folk Festival…to dream of for the rest of the year.

It promised to be a whirlwind December!…Mieke



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