Natural dyeing from the kitchen, garden and the wild

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I have been inspired to revisit natural dyes once more

Every time it has new meanings and contexts

2011 connections with the Ipswich Spinners & Weavers, Kate’s delicious garden and new landscapes of the Granite Belt.

Watch the amazing colours appear in this post soon!

I have been documenting the process and samples in a diary which I started in 1986. Its been interesting with entries from dyeing days which mostly took place in August and September. Even son Jake was 6 years and made some samples too…this was 21 years ago!

Kitchen– tumeric, cocheneal

Garden– onion skins and gentle simmer with alum as mordant.

Wild– fermenting of lichens in ammonia/water for 3 weeks…purples.

500gr eucylpt leaves (various types), 100gr wool, no mordant, simmer 3-5 hrs…brilliant red, ochre, olive


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